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The “Integrated managements system for Russian Cities - MATRUSCHKA “project, 2007-2009 contributed to the development of a solid foundation within local authorities upon which long term planning decisions can be made to support sustainable development. Both Russian and EU cities/municipalities in the project consortium either initiated or further elaborated their Integrated Management Systems around a chosen theme.

The project enabled partners to address all dimensions of sustainable development by integrating participatory approach into planning processes. During the project the partners carried out a baseline review and target setting with increased stakeholder involvement. This developed the process of stakeholder involvement and revealed the necessity of capacity building among local authorities.

“Engage your stakeholders” - toolkit is a result of the project process. It is a comprehensive guide for the local authorities on how to include different stakeholders in the decision-making process. Using the toolkit, published in English and Russian, the cities/municipalities are able to increase the stability of their work for sustainable development. For getting your own copy – visit – www.matruschka-project.net

To enable further integration of sustainable actions, the project also provided a Database of good practices and tools in the Baltic Sea Region. The Database, in English and Russian, offers a unique platform for local authorities to benchmark and further develop their actions in the Baltic Sea Region. www.ubcwheel.eu

MATRUSCHKA Final Conference

How to involve citizens, politicians and other interest groups in the planning processes in the city ?

That is what the MATRUSCHKA partners were discussing and testing in the Stakeholder training seminar in Malmö. On three days in the end of May, 34 participants from 8 partner cities were gathering.

In several sessions the participants were introduced to the steps of how to prepare stakeholder involvement, always mixed with small tasks and group work to practice the presented content.
Methods for stakeholder involvement were shown in an exhibition which gave room for discussions about suitability of methods for the cities own case.

In an interactive role play together with all participants the method of open space was tested in practice to give an impression of how it can work.

The last day was rounding up the steps of stakeholder involvement before two experts were presenting their own experience of involving stakeholder.
Ms Minu Hemmatti, with great experience in multi-stakeholder processes in international contexts, stressed the importance of monitoring and evaluation.
Mr Ditlev Nissen, consult in participation and conflict resolution, was presenting his experience in conflict resolution in a project he had in Greenland.

After the official training seminar, the participants had the chance to follow a guided tour in the Western Harbor in Malmö, an industrial area currently being transformed into an urban quarter. This transformation is done under ambitious sustainability aspects and the quarter will be a model of urban sustainability, with balanced economic, social and ecological factors.

The three days of training seminar gave a lot of input for the cities´ further work and was hopefully inspiring for the upcoming Local Forums!

The first edition of the MATRUSCHKA project Newsletter is now available for download in both language versions English and Russian!

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