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Dear visitors of the MATRUSCHKA web-page,

The “Integrated Management System for Russian Cities MATRUSCHKA” project has been successfully finished.

The MATRUSCKA project has ended as scheduled in April 2009. This webpage, containing all important results achieved by the project, will stay online as a source of information. It will be updated with new information.

We would like to thank all MATRUSCHKA project partners and participants of all project activities for the excellent cooperation!

The results of the project partners you are able to find through Partners link. The project has in addition two extensive outcomes: Good Practice Database and a Stakeholder Involvement toolkit for local authorities.

Engage your stakeholders
Good Practice Database was developed to answer to the need of local authorities to find prac-tical examples complemented with suitable tools. The database currently has over 500 good practices from 105 cities of the Baltic Sea Region in English and Russian. It offers a unique platform for local authorities to compare their actions and get inspiration from others.
In the database contact details are provided so that further exchange of information is easily possible. Visit the good practice database here.

The second big outcome of the project - “Engage your stakeholders” toolkit, published in English and Russian, describes a process of stakeholder involvement with vivid examples of different involvement methods. It enables the process of involvement within the organizations by putting the stress on the entire process of involvement. It reinforces the capacity of civil servants to create a sustainable and livable municipality/city, where stakeholders involvement is an integrated part of their management.